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3 In 1 Waterproof lighter Dual USB multi-function mobile charger and Clock

Features:1.The input voltage of the product is DC12V/24V, as long as it is installed in this range, the installation range is very wide.2.3A dual USB charger, can supply power to mobile phones, tablets, GPS, etc.3.The product has a cigarette lighter and a dispensing cigarette butt, which can be used for cigarette smoking.4.Product independent switch, ready to use, no need to turn off at any time, no waste of battery power, reduce line loss, protect battery5. The product comes with a 20A fuse to protect the charger line and the safety of the equipment. When the output current is greater than 20A, the fuse will be6.The product has an electronic clock, you can watch the time anytime and anywhere, so that you can ride your phone without taking the phone or watch it.7. The product has a voltmeter, which can detect the battery voltage at any time to prevent safety hazards caused by battery damage.

Metal Mobile Holder for Motorcycles

-Aluminum finishing- holds most cellphones- 360 degree rotatable ratcheting system

Motorcycle Dual USB Mobile Charger With Voltmeter & Cigarette Lighter

Material : CNC Aluminum 
Dual USB Charger 1.5 A & 3A 
Lighter To Lit Up The Cigarette 
Its Universal & can Be Installed on any bike .

Weather Resistant Mobile Holder Pouch for Motorcycles .

  • Available in L and XL sizes
  • Opening for Charging port and Powerbank
  • Can stand extreme heat and cold
  • water/rainproof
  • Fits most phones up to 6.2 inches